Handlebar Stem Phone Bag Large


Handlebar Stem Phone Bag Large


This is Roswheel's first phone/storage bag to sits up on the handlebar stem. Made from from a strong, carbon fibre-effect vinyl with embossed Roswheel icons on the sides plus a rigid base panel to ensure the bag keeps its shape even when empty.

Available in three sizes, this Large model is suitable for Galaxy Notes, iPhone 6+ and other similar size phones

  • High quality, multi-layer padded bag
  • Phone touch screen works through window
  • Water-resistant (not 100% water-proof like the 11601 phone pouch)
  • Three Velcro straps attach it to the handlebar and stem
  • Reflective top and side piping
  • Size: 18cm long, 10cm wide, 8cm tall

Item number: 11810-L

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